New report: Massive fossil fuel subsidies continue, but true costs are hidden from Canadians

Sep 17, 2018 by Patrick DeRochie (Program Manager, Climate & Energy)

Categories: Fossil Fuel Subsidies

What’s the dumbest policy in the world? Public cash for oil and gas! Canada’s federal government handed out hundreds of millions of dollars per…Read More

What’s in your lunch? New testing finds glyphosate, a harmful pesticide, in common foods that children eat

Sep 09, 2018 by Sarah Jamal (Program Coordinator, Toxics)

Categories: Toxics

Every day, Canadians are exposed to many chemicals that are linked to health conditions such as cancer, asthma, diabetes and behavioural problems like ADHD….Read More

If you care about climate change you should care about methane

Sep 06, 2018 by Dale Marshall (National Program Manager)

Categories: Climate Change, Environmental Defence

  If you care about climate change, you should care about oil and gas methane. If you care about human health, you should care…Read More

Good(ish) news! Our case against Alberta’s leaking tailings ponds will be investigated

Aug 30, 2018 by Dale Marshall (National Program Manager)

Categories: Environmental Defence, Toxics

  First the good news. The three NAFTA countries voted unanimously to allow an investigation to go forward on tar sands tailings ponds leaking…Read More

Is there a better way to cut natural gas bills in Ontario?

Aug 30, 2018 by Sarah Buchanan (Program Manager, Clean Economy)

Categories: Clean Economy, Climate Change

Ontario’s move to cut cap-and-trade costs from natural gas bills arrived with great fanfare yesterday. On closer inspection, it’s mostly hot air. This action…Read More

Save Belfountain! One of the last remaining Greenbelt hamlets under threat

Aug 28, 2018 by Guest Blog ()

Categories: Greenbelt

This is a guest blog by Judy Mabee, President of The Belfountain Community Organization, a residents’ group committed to preserving the rural heritage and…Read More

#WeAreLakeErie - are you? Share your story on August 28th and you could win a cool Lake Erie T!

Aug 22, 2018 by Kelsey Scarfone (Program Manager Blue Flag)

Categories: Blue Flag, Great Lakes

Science writer Loren Eiseley once said “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”. In a purely scientific light, water…Read More

Congratulations you now own an oil well!

Aug 17, 2018 by Joshua Buck (Alberta Program Manager)

Categories: Climate Change

Okay, you don’t really own an oil well. But very soon, you may be on the hook for paying the cleanup costs of oil…Read More

Ontario’s Greenbelt benefits us all

Aug 14, 2018 by Susan Lloyd Swail (Senior Manager, Livable Communities)

Categories: Greenbelt

We love the Greenbelt and it’s no wonder. Ontario’s Greenbelt is vital to the prosperity of our region and the well-being of citizens. Did…Read More

A trip home to Hamilton for my favourite Greenbelt hike

Aug 13, 2018 by Sarah Jamal (Program Coordinator, Toxics)

Categories: Greenbelt

Growing up in Hamilton, the Ontario Greenbelt has always been close to home. It was a place where my family and I would berry pick…Read More