Safeguarding Freshwater / Nov 19, 2014

World Toilet Day: The "Flushable" Wipes Fight

By Frances Anne Côté of Iroquois Falls, Northeastern Ontario Frances Anne emailed Environmental Defence a month or so ago to share her concern about…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Nov 05, 2014

Ontario introduces stronger protection against invasive species

Anyone who’s grown up around the Great Lakes knows the impact invasive species like Purple Loosetrife, the Zebra Mussel, and the Sea Lamprey have…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Aug 13, 2014

What’s green and slimy and has no place in our Great Lakes?

It’s slimy and stinky, and it’s a growing threat to our Great Lakes. It’s algae, and it can devastate ecosystems, and cost us a…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Aug 11, 2014

Time for Ontario to be more ambitious on water

The election of a new majority government in Ontario could mean great things for the province’s lakes and rivers. A relatively stable political climate…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Jul 15, 2014

Is a crisis needed to do better for the Great Lakes?

Sometimes it takes a crisis, like the 2001 Walkerton tragedy that killed seven people, to wake people up to the need for change. But…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Jun 11, 2014

Erasing microbeads from the Great Lakes

With the recent announcement that Illinois is banning microbeads from personal care products and a call for the International Joint Commission to further study…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Jun 06, 2014

World Oceans Day: Five things you can do for oceans (and lakes!)

In celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8th, Environmental Defence and Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean WiseTM program, which has a satellite office in Toronto,…Read More