Jul 23, 2021 / Alberta Inquiry / Climate Change

$3.5 million and 2 years to serve up a farcical attack on Canadians’ rights to protect the environment and our future

Soon Commissioner Steve Allan will submit to the Alberta government his final report of the “The Public Inquiry into Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns”. We’ve read…Read More

Jan 28, 2021 / Alberta Inquiry / Climate Change

Alberta’s actions to silence critics of the oil industry are just like those used by Russia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and others. It needs to stop.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s inquiry into “anti-Alberta energy campaigns” is widely agreed to be a farce. But we shouldn’t forget or overlook the fact…Read More

Jul 09, 2020 / Alberta Inquiry / Climate Change

No, Alberta's oil industry isn't being unfairly targeted by protesters

Opposition to oil and gas development is a worldwide phenomenon. Some Albertans, and other Canadians, may feel like their oil is being unfairly targeted…Read More