Sep 20, 2022 / Climate Change

Why Canada’s inaction on the oil sands toxic tailings might cost us more than our biodiversity

Canada cultivates a misleadingly good reputation abroad. I would know; I moved here because of it. However, this advantageous position is increasingly under threat…Read More

Sep 19, 2022 / Climate Change

It's alive! Our new lobbying bot let's you track oil & gas lobbying at your fingertips

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Federal Oil & Gas Lobbying Bot, @FedLobBot on Twitter! The bot has been put together by…Read More

Sep 19, 2022 / Climate Change Ontario

It’s true that Ontario’s climate change plan is just a ‘glossy brochure’

Last week the Ontario government argued in court that its climate change policies are just for show and don’t actually have teeth. It’s true….Read More

Sep 15, 2022 / Climate Change

Canada’s next big shift: Examples of what to do (and what to avoid) - Part 2

Everything from turbulent global markets to local climate disasters reflects the urgent need for Canada to phase out fossil fuels. As we begin to…Read More

Sep 15, 2022 / Climate Change / Federal Climate

Canada’s next big shift: Examples of what to do (and what to avoid) - Part 1

Canada needs to phase out fossil fuels, but we can’t leave families and communities impacted by that transition to fend for themselves. The good…Read More

Sep 08, 2022 / Protecting Ontario’s environment

In This Year’s Municipal Election, Densifying Post-WWII Suburbs Is Environmental Priority #1

Sprawl has got to stop, and this fall’s municipal elections are your chance to make it stop. Earlier this year, the Town Council of…Read More

Sep 02, 2022 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Busting Enbridge’s Line 5 Myths - Part 2: Enbridge's Proposed "Solutions"

Line 5 is a major threat to the Great Lakes basin. The entire pipeline is a risk to surrounding waters and lands, including rivers…Read More

Aug 30, 2022 / Protecting Ontario’s environment

A Billion Dollar Development Threatens the Niagara Escarpment – One of Ontario’s Natural Wonders

This is a guest post by Mike Robbins, a Board member with the Escarpment Corridor Alliance The Niagara Escarpment, one of Ontario’s natural wonders,…Read More

Aug 29, 2022 / Safeguarding Freshwater

For the Love of Lake Erie

Written by Annette Paiement, Artist, Producer Growing up in Ontario, I have always had a deep connection to the Great Lakes, so when the…Read More

Aug 25, 2022 / Protecting Ontario’s environment

Visionary Waterloo Regional Official Plan Successfully Approved!!!

It’s a bold and sustainable plan with ideas that can be leveraged by communities across Ontario! This is guest blog by Kevin Thomason A…Read More