Feb 21, 2019 / Climate Change

They make billions in profits and yet corporate subsidies continue

The oil and gas industry is alive and well in Alberta despite what you may have read. Oil companies in Alberta reaped billions in…Read More

Dec 21, 2018 / Climate Change

The oil industry says it doesn’t want subsidies. For once, we agree!

Tis the season for giving and gratitude, so what was the response from oil and gas executives and their political allies to yesterday’s announcement…Read More

Dec 11, 2018 / Climate Change

As the climate crisis looms, why does Canadian oil and gas think it can keep expanding?

Expanding oil and gas production is undermining Canada’s ability to be a climate leader. And oil executives are successfully weakening and delaying Canadian climate…Read More

Nov 29, 2018 / Climate Change

Four new handouts for oil and gas companies in one week

Over the last week, Canadian governments offered four new public subsidies to oil and gas companies, an alarming step backward from the longstanding promise…Read More

Nov 22, 2018 / Climate Change

The crown corporation that’s financing climate failure

Every year, a crown corporation most Canadians have never heard of—Export Development Canada (EDC)—provides billions of dollars in support to oil and gas companies…Read More

Sep 20, 2018 / Climate Change

Alberta withdraws from Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. So now what?

On August 30, 2018, Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Notley received what, for them, was some terrible news. The Federal Court of Appeals revoked…Read More

Sep 17, 2018 / Climate Change

New report: Massive fossil fuel subsidies continue, but true costs are hidden from Canadians

What’s the dumbest policy in the world? Public cash for oil and gas! Canada’s federal government handed out hundreds of millions of dollars per…Read More

Jun 12, 2018 / Climate Change

Canada forges strong G7 climate outcomes, but leaves out fossil fuel subsidies

As the 2018 Chair of the G7 group of developed economies, last weekend’s summit in Quebec was a big opportunity for Canada to demonstrate…Read More

Jun 08, 2018 / Climate Change

Canada gets a D-minus on fossil fuel subsidies (and that's before the Kinder Morgan bailout!)

Canada continues to provide substantial public support for the oil and gas industry and isn’t moving fast enough on its promise to phase out…Read More

Jun 06, 2018 / Climate Change

Seven ways the Kinder Morgan bailout is an obscene use of public money

The federal government’s decision to purchase Kinder Morgan’s leaky tar sands pipeline is a totally reckless use of public money. But the $4.5 billion…Read More