Plastic Pollution / Mar 28, 2019

Don’t mop the floor while the tap is still running; why cleanups are not the solution to Ontario’s plastic problem

As spring approaches and the mounds of snow and ice finally start to melt away, a familiar sight emerges.  Garbage.  Plastic bottles, cans, plastic…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Feb 07, 2019

The plastics industry says it wants to fix plastic pollution! But don't ask them to produce less plastic.

Warning, sarcasm ahead… Good news! Some of the biggest companies in the world including producers and users of plastic launched an initiative with the…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Jan 22, 2019

Is Canada a world leader on plastics? Even NESTLÉ is doing more to tackle plastic pollution.

Nestlé, one of the world’s biggest food producers, announced last week that it will be phasing out all non-recyclable or tough to recycle plastics…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Dec 05, 2018

Canada recently released its new National Zero Plastics Strategy. The gist? It's all talk and no action.

On November 23rd, federal, provincial and territorial environment ministers held their annual meeting to discuss their environmental priorities. This year one of their main priorities…Read More