Livable Communities / Oct 25, 2019

The environment and communities lose if Highway 413 is built

The destructive and unnecessary Highway 413 is back. The proposed highway would make its way from Milton to Vaughan through farms, forests and a…Read More

Livable Communities / Oct 24, 2019

Better access to nature = better mental health

Have you ever experienced a sense of relief and calm while spending time in nature? Whether it’s the comforting shade of a forest trail,…Read More

Livable Communities / Oct 18, 2019

Did you know the Greenbelt helps protect us from climate change?

Every year, the Ontario Greenbelt’s watersheds provide more than $1 billion worth of ecological services, by filtering pollution and waste, regulating water flow and…Read More

Climate Change / Oct 07, 2019

Dear Party Leaders, It's time to put Canadians ahead of the oil lobby

(Pour la version française, cliquez ici pour télécharger le PDF.) Dear Federal Party Leaders, I urge you as leaders of Canada’s federal political parties…Read More

Movement Building / Apr 05, 2019

A Victory for Free Speech! Charities can now freely speak out on your behalf

Almost four years ago, the federal government promised to pass a new law that protects the ability of charities to speak out on Canadians’…Read More

Livable Communities / Jan 31, 2019

Switching gears from Bill 66 to the Growth Plan: Farms, forest and watersheds are still under threat

There was cheering and a huge sigh of relief last week when the Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced that the government…Read More

Movement Building / Safeguarding Freshwater / Toxics / Dec 17, 2018

Ontario’s environmental laws are under attack by Premier Doug Ford: Why we need to come together to STOP BILL 66

Under the guise of creating jobs and cutting “red tape and burdensome regulations,” the provincial government introduced a bombshell of a bill last Thursday….Read More

Movement Building / Jul 17, 2018

Charities and Public Policy: Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

You may have seen that a small anti-poverty charity, Canada Without Poverty, won a landmark court challenge against the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regarding…Read More

Livable Communities / Apr 30, 2018

Who’s playing politics with the Greenbelt?

Concerned about how Bill 66 threatens to open up the Greenbelt to development? Sign the petition to Stop Bill 66 here.   Sprawl developers…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Apr 16, 2018

A win for Endangered Species! Town charged for destruction of piping plover habitat at Sauble Beach

Edit: This blog has been updated with the date of the Town’s court hearing.   After a thirty year absence, and decades of important…Read More