Smart Growth / Apr 24, 2019

Everyone deserves a place to call home – so how can we improve housing affordability?

The last time people were priced out of the housing market was in the early 90’s. Back then, the options were limited to owning…Read More

Smart Growth / Apr 17, 2019

9 reasons why house prices are still so high in Toronto and Greater Golden Horseshoe

Toronto is now on the list of some of the most unaffordable cities in the world and prices are rising all over the Greater…Read More

Greenbelt / Smart Growth / Mar 28, 2019

Public transit and housing go together – but one size doesn’t fit all

A recent TVO article declared that the home-building industry lobby wants the province to override public planning processes and municipal approvals to make room…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Movement Building / Feb 27, 2019

My trip to Florida in an electric vehicle

My partner and I took our first road trip to Florida this winter. We usually spend the cold, snowy months at home taking in…Read More

Greenbelt / Smart Growth / Feb 05, 2019

Want to increase housing supply? Don’t dismantle the Growth Plan

Like many Ontarians, I want to ensure we have affordable housing options and the transportation choices we need, so our children and grandchildren can…Read More

Greenbelt / Aug 14, 2018

Ontario’s Greenbelt benefits us all

We love the Greenbelt and it’s no wonder. Ontario’s Greenbelt is vital to the prosperity of our region and the well-being of citizens. Did…Read More

Greenbelt / Smart Growth / May 09, 2018

It’s possible. We can build housing, fight gridlock AND expand the Greenbelt

As our population grows, where and how we build housing will affect our economy, jobs, traffic and municipal debt. For too long, urban sprawl…Read More

Greenbelt / Smart Growth / Feb 09, 2018

Victory! Environmentally destructive Highway 413 has been stopped, signaling a shift to healthy, low carbon communities

The cancellation of the environmental assessment of the GTA West highway (aka highway 413) is a game changer. It shows that there is growing…Read More

Greenbelt / Smart Growth / Jan 11, 2018

What’s the real cost of building the proposed GTA West Highway?

The Ontario government is about to make a big decision that will tell us a lot about what the future of the Greater Toronto…Read More

Greenbelt / Smart Growth / Dec 07, 2017

We need to grow the Greenbelt to protect critical water supplies before it's too late

Good news! Today, the province of Ontario announced a 90 day consultation process and released a map identifying seven areas where a potential expansion…Read More