Climate Change / Jan 31, 2020

Are big polluters getting a huge break in some provinces?

Big industrial polluters create a huge amount of Canada’s carbon emissions. The oil and gas industry alone is the single biggest source of polluting…Read More

Climate Change / Jan 15, 2020

Pickering scare raises questions about the future of Ontario's electricity supply

Were you one of the millions of people who got a literal wake-up call on Sunday when your phone buzzed with a warning about…Read More

Climate Change / Dec 04, 2019

Ontario’s Auditor General slams the province’s weak climate change plan

The Auditor General’s 2019 Annual Report confirms that Ontario’s climate change plan is too weak to meet its own emissions reduction targets and is…Read More

Climate Change / Nov 07, 2019

30 groups call for Ontario to take serious action on climate change

November 7th, 2019 Dear Members of Provincial Parliament, Welcome back to the legislature. In the months you’ve been away, a lot has happened. An…Read More

Climate Change / Nov 06, 2019

Instead of fighting carbon pricing, here are five better ways for Ontario to spend $30 million

Premier Ford isn’t giving up on his losing battle against carbon pricing, recently confirming that his government would continue to challenge the federal carbon…Read More

Climate Change / Oct 10, 2019

Ontario has walked away from their climate change promises so far

Ontario has walked away from their climate change promises so far.  Can they get back on track? On September 27th, an estimated million Canadians…Read More

Climate Change / Aug 13, 2019

Everything you wanted to know about carbon pricing but were afraid to ask

As part of the efforts to combat climate change, governments around the world are putting a price on carbon pollution, making polluters pay for…Read More

Climate Change / Jul 31, 2019

Ontario is paying $700M a year to help burn fossil fuels and accelerate climate change

Despite the escalating impacts of climate change, the practice of handing out public money for fossil fuels is still alive and well in Ontario….Read More

Climate Change / Jul 09, 2019

Two top courts say the climate crisis means the federal government has every right to put a price on carbon pollution

Ontario’s and Saskatchewan’s top courts have delivered a strong climate change reality check: a price on carbon pollution is essential, constitutional, and not a…Read More

Climate Change / Jun 26, 2019

Why is Premier Ford wasting money on stickers?

Premier Ford is forcing gas station owners in Ontario to put up misleading anti-carbon tax stickers by August 30th. These stickers deliberately hide the…Read More