Dec 21, 2018 / Climate Change

The oil industry says it doesn’t want subsidies. For once, we agree!

Tis the season for giving and gratitude, so what was the response from oil and gas executives and their political allies to yesterday’s announcement…Read More

Nov 29, 2018 / Climate Change

Four new handouts for oil and gas companies in one week

Over the last week, Canadian governments offered four new public subsidies to oil and gas companies, an alarming step backward from the longstanding promise…Read More

Nov 22, 2018 / Climate Change

The crown corporation that’s financing climate failure

Every year, a crown corporation most Canadians have never heard of—Export Development Canada (EDC)—provides billions of dollars in support to oil and gas companies…Read More

Nov 13, 2018 / Climate Change

Oil and gas is trying to weasel its way out of playing by the rules

Sorry in advance for giving the noble weasel a bad name by comparing it to the oil and gas industry… The federal government is…Read More

Oct 31, 2018 / Climate Change

Deceptive Trans Mountain Pipeline ads leave Alberta taxpayers on the hook for $10 million

Most fossil fuel subsidies take the form of handouts and tax breaks for companies to explore for and produce more oil and gas. But…Read More

Oct 26, 2018 / Climate Change

What’s behind B.C.’s new LNG mega-project? $6.6 billion in public handouts

The oil and gas industry is hailing a new fossil fuel project—dubbed LNG Canada—as a huge breakthrough that supposedly shows that it’s competitive to…Read More

Oct 26, 2018 / Climate Change

Why the Senate must pass Bill C-69

In 2012, the previous government gutted environmental protections for Canada’s land, air, water and climate in an attempt to rubber-stamp and fast-track risky energy…Read More

Sep 17, 2018 / Climate Change

New report: Massive fossil fuel subsidies continue, but true costs are hidden from Canadians

What’s the dumbest policy in the world? Public cash for oil and gas! Canada’s federal government handed out hundreds of millions of dollars per…Read More

Jun 21, 2018 / Climate Change

Bill C-69, overhaul of energy project review process, one step closer to becoming law

Wednesday, the House of Commons passed legislation that could improve Canada’s environmental laws and the energy project review process. In 2012, the previous government…Read More

Jun 12, 2018 / Climate Change

Canada forges strong G7 climate outcomes, but leaves out fossil fuel subsidies

As the 2018 Chair of the G7 group of developed economies, last weekend’s summit in Quebec was a big opportunity for Canada to demonstrate…Read More