May 18, 2016 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Province ignores Ontarians’ opposition to Waukesha’s Great Lakes water diversion plan

Representatives of Great Lakes states and provinces met today to vote in a preliminary decision on Waukesha Wisconsin’s request to draw water from Lake…Read More

May 03, 2016 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Decision pending on Waukesha’s plan to divert Great Lakes water

The wait continues to find out if a Wisconsin city’s request to draw water from Lake Michigan, which would weaken the standards that protect…Read More

Mar 22, 2016 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Coming together for World Water Day

March 21st to 25th, is Canada Water Week! To mark the occasion, Environmental Defence will be posting blogs this week to showcase the importance…Read More

Mar 17, 2016 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Lessons learned from Flint, Michigan's water crisis

The current water crisis in Flint, Michigan is a stark reminder for everyone, including Canadians, that safe and clean municipal water services are essential….Read More

Jan 14, 2016 / Safeguarding Freshwater

A small Wisconsin city’s water plan could have big consequences for the Great Lakes

A proposal by the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin could cause a damaging ripple effect across both the Canadian and American sides of the Great…Read More

Dec 23, 2015 / Climate Change / Safeguarding Freshwater

Climate change causing multiple problems for the Great Lakes

As Ontario is experiencing an unseasonably warm winter, new research reveals that climate change is causing the Great Lakes, which hold 20 per cent…Read More

Dec 14, 2015 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Protecting Ontario’s drinking water for current and future generations

Updated: 21/12/2015 More than fifteen years ago, a tragedy in the town of Walkerton, Ontario made headlines around the world. The town’s drinking water…Read More

Dec 01, 2015 / Safeguarding Freshwater

What can farmers do about the worst ever algal blooms on Lake Erie?

Ontario’s environment and agricultural communities are talking about what is needed to protect the Great Lakes. And the timing couldn’t be more important. Just…Read More

Nov 20, 2015 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Freshwater Protection Mismatch: Small Fees and Enormous Needs

Water is our most precious resource, and as the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario pointed out earlier this month, we’re not doing enough to protect…Read More

Oct 27, 2015 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Moving to Blue: Five years after the passage of the Lake Simcoe Protection Act

Wondering what the Great Lakes Protection Act could do for the waters it is designed to protect? On Friday, October 23, 2015, Ontario’s Minister…Read More