Climate Change / Toxics / Jul 25, 2019

Why I’m taking the federal government to court, again, for failing to charge Volkswagen for its diesel emission scandal

You’ve probably heard of the “Dieselgate” scandal by now. In short, more than four years ago, news about Volkswagen’s scandal shook the world after…Read More

Toxics / Apr 04, 2019

Premier Ford breaks his promise to “come down heavy on polluters” by scrapping Ontario’s only toxics law

Earlier this week, the Ontario government voted to repeal the province’s Toxics Reduction Act (TRA) in 2021 and halt the implementation of some of…Read More

Toxics / Nov 19, 2018

The toxic paint stripper chemical and the wave of retailer action to protect consumers

If you’ve ever tried to refinish an old piece of furniture or your bathtub, you probably know how handy it is to use a…Read More

Toxics / Nov 14, 2018

Retailer report card 2018: Canadian context

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their exposure to toxic chemicals from products due to a growing body of research linking chemical exposures to health…Read More

Toxics / Jul 16, 2018

Canadians may soon get stronger protections from toxic chemicals and pollution

After nearly two decades since Canada’s main toxics law was enacted, the federal government promised to give it a major makeover. The government’s commitment…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Toxics / Jun 08, 2018

Just like microbeads, Canada needs to regulate single-use plastics: Here’s how

Plastic waste can now be found in the farthest corners and deepest trenches on the planet. Yet, every day millions of disposable plastic containers,…Read More

Toxics / May 17, 2018

Alarming: New study finds that baby bibs contain toxic chemicals and could be polluting our kids

Among the things that every expecting parent need are baby bibs, mats and pads. Parents know that these are essential products that make taking…Read More

Toxics / Jan 16, 2018

Canada misses the mark (again) in its decision to not ban harmful phthalates

If you were told that your go-to brand of cheese contained a toxic ingredient, would you continue to eat it? What if it was…Read More

Toxics / Nov 06, 2017

California continues to lead the way on labelling toxics. What about Canada?

Last month, the State of California enacted the first-of-its-kind law in North America to require the labelling of cleaning product ingredients. That’s right –…Read More

Toxics / Jun 20, 2017

Great news! Parliamentary committee recommends a stronger toxics law

From a legal recognition of our right to a healthy environment, to stronger protections from hormone-disrupting chemicals in consumer products, a parliamentary committee report…Read More