Clean Economy / Climate Change / Jun 13, 2017

A Second Success - Ontario's Cap and Trade Makes the Grade

  The results are in, and Ontario’s latest cap-and-trade auction was another resounding success. Ontario businesses yet again showed confidence in Ontario’s system, purchasing…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Apr 19, 2017

Reaching New Heights - Building Up Good Jobs for Ontarians

Red hot housing prices, sky-high condos and expanding sprawl –  all recognizable traits of Ontario’s building sector. Lesser known? The massive opportunity for good…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Mar 23, 2017

Myth-Busting Cap-and-Trade in Ontario

  Ontario’s first cap-and-trade auction is behind us, but there is still a fair bit of misinformation and misunderstanding around it. So we put…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Mar 03, 2017

California Cap-and-Trade: Waiting for Clarity

  With Ontario’s first cap-and-trade auction slated to launch later this month, all eyes were on the results of California’s and Quebec’s first 2017…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Feb 13, 2017

Manage What You Measure - New Building Regulation Sets Ontario Ahead

  You can’t manage what you don’t measure. This old management adage speaks to the value of new a provincial regulation that requires commercial…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Feb 07, 2017

A Big Deal for Ontario: Wiser Energy Use and Cleaner Air for All

  In December 2016, the Ontario Government released a draft regulation on the Ontario Climate Change Solutions Deployment Corporation (OCCSDC). The OCCSD, once referred…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Nov 24, 2016

The Comeback Kid: California’s Cap-and-Trade Rebounds in Latest Auction

With Ontario set to launch its cap-and-trade program in January, California and Quebec’s joint cap- and-trade program – which Ontario intends to join –…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Aug 29, 2016

Fueling the Future of Transport

Imagine your car is absolutely silent, and that you actually have to install sound so you don’t sneak up on unsuspecting pedestrians. Envision that…Read More