Mar 19, 2015 / Toxics

Are Plastics Affecting Prenatal Health?

Is soft plastic more important than healthy lives? Phthalates have a bad rap and deservedly so. These chemicals, commonly used as a plastic softener and…Read More

Feb 05, 2015 / Toxics

Getting down to the facts: what’s really happening with Ontario’s bees?

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you’ve likely heard the buzz about bees being under threat. And given what was printed in the…Read More

Oct 23, 2014 / Toxics

Halloween should be scary fun, not scary toxic

For most parents, the scariest thing on Halloween is the inevitable late evening sugar crash. But forget about the sugar snacks and little monster…Read More

Oct 07, 2014 / Toxics

Clorox to pull back the curtain on its scents

Have you ever wondered what makes your dish soap smell like lemons or your moisturizer smell like vanilla? It’s often many things but it’s…Read More

Sep 25, 2014 / Toxics

More proof on the need to extinguish flame retardants

From melting ice caps to loss of habitat, life isn’t easy in the Arctic. And it’s only getting worse thanks to the widespread presence…Read More

Sep 12, 2014 / Toxics

Blowout toxics from your salon!

Blowout toxics from your salon! While focusing on shellac manicures and the blow-out, most people don’t think of the potential health impacts of beauty…Read More

Aug 20, 2014 / Toxics

How Toronto Residents Can Reduce Exposure to Lead

Ancient Romans had problems with lead pipes (and it might have helped the demise of their civilization), but over 2,000 years later they’re still…Read More

Jul 10, 2014 / Toxics

Ontario moves to protect the pollinators, generating buzz

More and more articles are making it clear that bees around the world are in trouble. Luckily people are starting to take action to…Read More