Jan 06, 2017 / Toxics

Canada must ban harmful triclosan

The federal decision to declare triclosan toxic, but not to match the U.S. ban, could make Canada a potential dumping ground and leave Canadians…Read More

Nov 23, 2016 / Toxics

Environmental Victories: Kicking Out Toxic Chemicals

With the holidays approaching, it’s a good time to look back at what we’ve achieved together over the past year. And what a busy…Read More

Nov 17, 2016 / Toxics

Have Your Say on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

Special Update Blog by Elaine MacDonald, Ecojustice and Maggie MacDonald, Environmental Defence Have Your Say on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act When it comes…Read More

Nov 14, 2016 / Toxics

Good news: Canada bans the bead

Canadians are celebrating the recent news that the federal government is banning microbeads. Environmental Defence has been working hard for a ban since 2014,…Read More

Jun 08, 2016 / Toxics

Shocking Report on Chemicals in Products from the Office of the Auditor General

If you follow our blogs regularly, you’ll know we’re worried about chemicals in consumer products, including lead in lipstick, and phthalates in deodorant. But…Read More

Jan 26, 2016 / Toxics

Auditor General's Report shows need to fix Canada’s pesticide management system

Today’s report from Canada’s Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Office of the Auditor General, sheds light on the extent to which the…Read More

Jan 15, 2016 / Toxics

Canada Needs to Keep Out Toxic Cadmium Jewelry

Children love to play with shiny things, whether they are packaged in a kid-friendly wrapper, found on top of mom’s dresser, or on the…Read More

Dec 22, 2015 / Toxics

Ten Years of Tackling Toxics in Canada

A lot can happen over ten years. When we first put on our toxic avenger capes back in 2005, we wanted to reduce Canadians’…Read More

Nov 12, 2015 / Toxics

Removing the Stain: It’s time to get rid of cancer-causing dry cleaning chemicals

Did you know Canada’s most widespread dry cleaning chemical is linked to lymphoma and is toxic to the nervous system? PERC (short for perchloroethylene…Read More

Nov 09, 2015 / Toxics

Scientists warn of threat posed by chemicals that mimic hormones: Swift action needed from new government

This week, a major international report added to damning evidence against endocrine disrupting chemicals-chemicals that can mimic human hormones – many of which are…Read More