Dec 05, 2023 / Plastic Pollution

Next Stop: Canada, for Tense Talks on a Global Treaty to End Plastic Pollution

There’s still a lot of work to do to get the global treaty we need to end plastic pollution. The recent round of talks…Read More

Dec 01, 2023 / Climate Change

Beware of Two False Solutions to Climate Change Brought to You by Big Oil

This year saw an increase in climate disasters for communities across the country and around the world. And we know that until we really…Read More

Nov 29, 2023 / Climate Change

October’s Top Lobbyist: Pathways Alliance lobbies daily and fossil fuel industry surpasses 1k meetings in a month

The fossil fuel industry has lobbied the federal government over 1017 times so far this year! In October, the 30 oil and gas companies…Read More

Nov 28, 2023 / Plastic Pollution

We Will Not Back Down: Plastics Are Toxic and Must Be Regulated in Canada

We got some bad news this month: a federal court judge ruled in favour of Big Plastic’s self-serving arguments and against the government’s approach…Read More

Nov 27, 2023

From Toxic Leak to Cover-Up: Unravelling the Imperial Oil Scandal in Alberta's Oil Sands

A disastrous toxic spill in the tar sands In February 2023, 5.3 million litres of toxic industrial wastewater known as tailings spilled from Imperial…Read More

Nov 24, 2023 / Climate Change

Minister Freeland Wastes $10 Billion on Big Oil's Carbon Capture Fantasy

Any day now, Minister Freeland is expected to introduce a giant new fossil fuel subsidy called the carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) investment…Read More

Nov 24, 2023 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Canada’s Use of 1977 Pipeline Treaty to Block Recent U.S. Line 5 Shutdown Order Is Violating Indigenous Rights

Earlier this summer, we celebrated the news that a U.S. judge in Wisconsin had ordered the Canadian oil company, Enbridge Inc., to shut down…Read More

Nov 23, 2023 / Climate Change Ontario

Napanee Council Must Say No to Another Gas Plant!

Just like in many other communities across Ontario, like Thorold and Toronto, the people of Napanee are speaking up – and they’re saying no…Read More

Nov 22, 2023 / Climate Change

All Eyes on Dubai: Expectations for Canada at COP28

All Eyes on Dubai: Expectations for Canada With COP28 around the corner, our team at Environmental Defence is hard at work preparing for a…Read More

Nov 15, 2023 / Climate Change

Lisa Baiton: Big Oil's Climate Misinformation Maestro

The biggest barrier to climate action in Canada is the oil and gas lobby. For decades the fossil fuel lobby has masterfully weakened, derailed,…Read More