Climate Change / Sep 05, 2019

A just transition is possible - but Canada keeps subsidizing oil companies

How often do you think about the future you’d like to see? When I imagine this future, I see thriving communities that prioritize people…Read More

Climate Change / Jun 27, 2019

We stopped the oil and gas industry from gutting Canada’s environmental laws!

With the passage of Bill C-69 last week, the federal government has fulfilled its commitment to update the broken environmental assessment regime that has…Read More

Climate Change / May 01, 2019

Faced with record floods, Ontario cuts flood prevention programs

I spent the weekend laying down sandbags to protect the homes of my neighbours from the flooding caused by record-breaking rainfalls in the Ottawa…Read More

Climate Change / Apr 15, 2019

What Canadians stand to lose if the Senate guts Bill C-69

This month, the Senate is doing something they very rarely do – they’re on tour. Bill C-69 is a much-needed bill that will strengthen…Read More