Sep 20, 2023 / Climate Change

In June, while Canada was Burning, the Oil & Gas Industry Lobbied the Government 131 Times (and not for climate action)

This summer, people across Canada experienced the impacts of climate change in a way that was impossible to ignore. Extreme events —record-breaking wildfires, droughts,…Read More

Sep 15, 2023 / Highway 413

Fact-Checking the Ontario Government's Misleading Hwy 413 Claims

Premier Ford has made many misleading claims about the highway he is proposing to build through the Greenbelt. We thought it would be helpful…Read More

Sep 13, 2023 / Climate Change

Alberta’s attack on renewables makes the case for a stop to oil sands production

Alberta’s current pause on new wind and solar projects is bad for business and for Alberta’s climate goals. However, it is true that no…Read More

Sep 07, 2023 / Climate Change / Climate Change Ontario

Enbridge Gas Caught Lying About its Home Heating Costs and Impacts

In an attempt to expand its “natural” gas infrastructure across Ontario, Enbridge Gas is telling residents that gas is the cheapest way to heat…Read More

Aug 25, 2023 / Climate Change

Arthur Irving: A Climate Villain with Enormous Economic Control

Supervillains in movies are core to the plot and love to be the centre of attention. In real life, Canada’s biggest climate villains like…Read More

Aug 23, 2023 / Climate Change Ontario

What’s another $4 billion amongst friends?

Are you outraged about Premier Ford’s $8 billion Greenbelt giveaway? I am too. How would you feel if I told you that the Ontario…Read More

Aug 18, 2023 / Protecting Ontario’s environment

What’s next as we work together to stop the destruction of farms, forests and wetlands in the Greenbelt and beyond?

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 brought a whirlwind onslaught of legal, regulatory and policy attacks on the Greenbelt, wetlands, forests, Conservation Authorities, renters, property…Read More

Aug 16, 2023 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Celebrating the 7th Annual #WeAreLakeErie Day: Let’s Show Our Government How Much We Love This Global Treasure!

Lake Erie is a global treasure. The lake is home to thousands of species, complex ecosystems, and beautiful sights and vistas. It is also…Read More

Aug 15, 2023 / Climate Change

The tally of oil and gas industry lobbying in May is off the charts

Climate change needs government scale intervention. That’s clear and it’s why we work to hold the government accountable. We have the technology and…Read More

Aug 04, 2023 / Plastic Pollution

Why “Compostable” Plastic Is Actually Trash

There’s a disturbing push for so-called “compostable” plastic to replace single-use plastic items banned by the federal government. That’s a terrible idea and here’s…Read More