Nov 17, 2021 / Climate Change

What happened at COP26 in Glasgow?

COPs break my heart. Pretty much every time.  Global injustices get put under a microscope, and magnified for the world to see. Ministers from…Read More

Jun 24, 2021 / Climate Change

Big Oil can’t increase production and pretend it's part of the climate solution

There are an increasing number of companies and countries that are pledging to reach Net Zero carbon emissions–or carbon neutrality–by 2050. That was the…Read More

Jun 21, 2021 / Climate Change

A safe future for people and the the planet means immediately stopping fossil fuel expansion

In a remarkable new report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) finds that in order to limit warming to 1.5 degrees–the goal of the Paris…Read More

Jun 14, 2021 / Climate Change

Scotiabank Doesn’t Just Fund Billions In Fossil Fuels – It Funds Anti-Climate Lobbying

Canada’s big five banks are deservedly feeling more heat lately about their funding of fossil fuels. They are among the worst in the world,…Read More

May 18, 2021 / Climate Change

Shell keeps hiding behind Canada’s Big Oil lobby

Shell Canada says it really cares about climate action. No really. It keeps telling us how much it cares so it really must. And…Read More

May 04, 2021 / Climate Change / Federal Climate

Canada needs to do much more to stop being a climate laggard

We’ve also recorded a video about this. Click here to watch on Instagram, or see below! Last week, at President Biden’s climate summit, Canada…Read More

Apr 08, 2021 / Climate Change / Federal Climate

Here's 4 ways Canada can step it up on climate leadership

Over the last five years, the Canadian government has released two climate change plans and made important climate commitments. And yet action has repeatedly…Read More

Feb 25, 2021 / Climate Change

What was good and what was missing from the first meeting between the President and Prime Minister

President Joe Biden had his first meeting with another head of government yesterday when he met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Climate change was…Read More

Jan 26, 2021 / Climate Change / Transition

Without a transition plan, Canada is just letting oil and gas workers fend for themselves

Last week’s decision by President Biden to kill the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all raises important questions about whether and how Canada…Read More

Nov 26, 2020 / Climate Change / Federal Climate

Accountability on climate change…but not yet

It’s been said so often now. Canada has failed to achieve every international climate target it has ever set. To reach a different outcome,…Read More