Climate Change / Movement Building / Plastic Pollution / Nov 12, 2018

Is the Earth doomed? Not unless we let it - Responses to the Anthropocene

Have you heard about the ‘Anthropocene’?   It’s basically the idea that the Earth has been changed so completely and irreversibly by human activities that…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Oct 19, 2018

Styrofoam is polluting our environment. Let’s #BanTheFoam.

There’s no single solution to plastic pollution. We need to do a better job of capturing plastic waste, and recycling it back into new…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Oct 17, 2018

Already got your canvas shopping bag? Here are five other ways to go #PlasticFree

Maybe we’ve finally seen enough photos of dead and dying animals choking on or entangled in plastic trash. Or maybe we’re rattled by reports…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Sep 27, 2018

G7 Environment Ministerial to #BeatPlasticPollution: we need less spin and more action.

Last week, G7 environment, energy and oceans ministers met in Halifax. There were lots of issues on the docket – illegal fishing, depleting fish…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Aug 07, 2018

Plastic Pollution and the Circle of Life - A Problem-Free Plastic Economy

Why the plastic industry needs to take a leaf out of the Lion King’s book Say what you want about Disney, that lion knew a…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Jul 12, 2018

From blue to green: another year, another nasty algae bloom

Imagine kicking back on a sunny patio with a cold drink and good friends. You hear the soft lapping sounds of waves against the…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Jun 12, 2018

Turning the tide - a landmark agreement on plastic pollution

If you saw media coverage of the G7 meeting in Charlevoix, Quebec, last weekend, it was probably something to do with Trump and Twitter….Read More

Plastic Pollution / Jun 06, 2018

The Plastics Declaration and the G7; time for Canada to step up

Did you know that only 11 per cent of all plastics are recycled in Canada? If you’re surprised, you’re not the only one. Most…Read More

Plastic Pollution / May 03, 2018

Welcome to the plastic pollution party, Canada. Better late than never.

The federal government plans to use its G7 presidency to advance action on plastic pollution. And they’ve invited Canadians to join the conversation. On…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Mar 27, 2018

First Waukesha, now Racine. Another Wisconsin town wants to take water out of the Great Lakes.

UPDATED May 1, 2018: Last week, Wisconsin gave permission to Racine to divert Lake Michigan water outside of the Great Lakes basin. The approval…Read More