Jun 25, 2021 / Movement Building

7 Fabulous Reasons Why We're Queer Environmentalists

Happy Pride month! This blog is by Allen B, Sarah B and Tim G – the queer staff at Environmental Defence – about the…Read More

May 22, 2020 / Climate Change

Busting the top 5 myths in Planet Of The Humans

The documentary Planet Of The Humans is filled with outdated myths about renewable energy and electric vehicles. Here are the top 5 myths in…Read More

May 01, 2020 / Movement Building

Answers to 5 more questions about COVID-19 and the environment

Is there a connection between COVID-19 and air pollution? What’s the first thing the federal government should do for the environment after the COVID-19…Read More

Apr 24, 2020 / Movement Building

Answers to five questions about COVID-19 and the environment

Is it safe to eat raw fruits and vegetables? How much have greenhouse gas emissions dropped? Here are answers to five questions about COVID-19 and the…Read More

May 24, 2018 / Clean Economy / Climate Change

It’s fast, healthy and fun: Why we love to bike to work

It comes as no surprise that many staff at Environmental Defence ride a bike to work. Some do it when the weather is warmer….Read More

Mar 01, 2016 / Livable Communities

LRTs, Relief Lines, Congestion Pricing and More: Tips for getting transportation planning right

My friends call me a public transit geek – a badge I wear proudly. I’ve been commuting by public transit since I was 12….Read More