Apr 07, 2016 / Clean Economy / Climate Change

Clean Drinking Water: More Important than Dirty Oil

Like most Canadians, I’m so used to turning on the tap and taking a sip of water that I don’t even think about what…Read More

Mar 29, 2016 / Climate Change

How will a warming climate impact water in Canada?

At Environmental Defence, we work hard to safeguard Canada’s water as well as our shared climate. This World Water Week, we wanted to take…Read More

Jan 08, 2016 / Climate Change

Save Fundy

TransCanada wants to build Energy East, the largest-ever proposed tar sands oil pipeline from Alberta all the way to Saint John, New Brunswick. As…Read More

Oct 27, 2015 / Clean Economy

Public opposition to pipelines helping to keep carbon in the ground

From protests against the KinderMorgan pipeline in B.C., to last spring’s massive Act on Climate march in Quebec City, to the diverse march for…Read More

Jul 28, 2015 / Clean Economy

The Massive Nexen Oil Spill and the Illusion of Safety

Last week, Canada had one of its largest oil spills ever. And this was from a brand-new, state–of-the-art pipeline owned by tar sands oil…Read More

Jul 02, 2015 / Clean Economy

TransCanada’s weak attempt to spin Canada’s inaction on climate isn’t fooling anyone

On the world stage, Canada is known as a climate laggard, not a climate leader. And oily spin from pipeline companies doesn’t change this….Read More

May 26, 2015 / Clean Economy

Time for the NEB to scrap the Energy East project application

Anyone who has ever filed their taxes knows that you have to have your paperwork finished before the deadline. But such rules don’t seem…Read More

Apr 22, 2015 / Clean Economy

Energy East would ship oil through Eastern Canada – not to it

TransCanada has spent millions on advertising, desperately trying to convince Canadians that Energy East is about getting oil from Western Canada to eastern Canadians….Read More

Feb 04, 2015 / Clean Economy

The beginning of the end for Keystone XL

On a sweltering hot day in July of 2013, President Obama made a historic speech on climate change at Georgetown University. Speaking to a…Read More

Nov 27, 2014 / Clean Economy

Closing the gate after the horse left the barn: TransCanada fires Edelman

Yesterday, TransCanada fired its PR firm – Edelman, two weeks after Edelman’s strategy document for TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline  was leaked to the public. That document…Read More