You might be asking yourself what’s going on and why did the price of gas go up by 7 cents in New Brunswick? Or maybe you heard our radio ad? (If not, check out below.) Well, it’s because Irving Oil struck a self-serving deal with Premier Higgs.


Irving Oil doesn’t want to invest in modernizing their refinery to make cleaner fuels. Instead, Irving has struck a deal with Premier Higgs to make YOU pay more at the pump, add to their massive profits and avoid reducing pollution. Irving has enough money.

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Oil refiners need to reduce the pollution they make by investing in clean fuels

Let’s back up.

New federal regulations, the Clean Fuel Regulations, have come into force that require oil refiners to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These regulations are intended to encourage refiners to innovate and invest their own funds into cleaner fuels, technologies and processes. They provide companies like Irving Oil with lots of options to reduce their pollution – without imposing costs onto gas distributors or drivers who are buying gas. 

The country is currently on fire: oil refiners need to be doing their part to reduce their emissions – just like other parts of the economy – to tackle the climate crisis. 

The Clean Fuel Regulations were negotiated over a seven-year period with input from provinces, industry representatives, and environmental stakeholders. These regulations play a crucial role in Canada’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fulfill commitments under the Paris Agreement to limit global warming. 

So why are costs being passed on to the New Brunswick public?

So if these new regulations are meant to target polluters, why do New Brunswickers have to pay the cost? 

Irving Oil lobbied the Government of New Brunswick to create a loophole that allows oil refiners to be able to increase their prices – even though they: 

A) Shouldn’t be able to 

B) Haven’t actually incurred any costs yet

And the Government of New Brunswick did exactly what Irving Oil asked for. 

In fact, when the government established a 7 cent increase on the cost of fuel, the formula they used – provided by Irving Oil – is based on the highest possible estimate of what reducing pollution would cost refineries, even though much cheaper options are available.  

There is also no reason to increase costs now, since the refiners have one more year – until July 2024 – to comply with the federal rules. 

It was the Government of New Brunswick – after being lobbied by Irving Oil – that introduced a loophole which resulted in the 7 cent increase. But that isn’t stopping them from trying to blame the federal government.

Make Polluters Pay

Irving Oil, and other oil refiners, have huge profits and can pay the cost of reducing their pollution on their own, without raising prices for Atlantic Canadians. 

With energy poverty on the rise in Atlantic Canada, it is both unreasonable and irresponsible for petroleum producers to pass on the costs of their inaction to consumers – particularly in these times of record profits.

This deal between the Government of New Brunswick and Irving Oil isn’t just hurting people at the pump, it’s blocking new jobs and investment in a cleaner economy. 

Calling Out Climate Villains

We’re calling out the corporate bad-actors like Irving Oil that keep trying to block and delay effective climate action in Canada with a new campaign called Climate Villains. This story on Irving Oil’s latest successful lobbying effort to avoid paying their fair share through the Clean Fuel Regulations is just one of the reasons why Irving’s owner, multi-billionaire businessman Arthur Irving, is one of our top 7 Climate VillainsRed button that says "take action"

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