Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt – Civil society is pushing back on the influence of fossil fuel lobbyists at COP27 – and governments are listening. From India, to the EU, to Colombia, to Tuvalu: the call for ending the production and use of fossil fuels is louder than ever. But Canada still has not taken a public stand.

Despite being the main drivers of the climate crisis, fossil fuels have long been the elephant in the room at COPs. That changed last year with the  Glasgow Pact at COP26 – and for the first time, fossil fuels were mentioned in a COP cover text. The Glasgow Pact called for a phasedown of coal power and a phaseout of fossil fuel subsidies.

This year, we need to go further. The COP27 decision text should include:

  • An equitable phaseout of all fossil fuel production and use, and a transition to 100% renewable energy,
  • A phaseout of all fossil fuel subsidies and alignment of public financing with the clean energy transition, and
  • A just transition of the workforce, grounded in social dialogue.

Wealthy countries like Canada who are most responsible for historic and current emissions must move first and fastest to phase out their fossil fuel production.  Climate change remains a top concern for people in Canada, who expect our officials to show leadership. We expect Minister Guilbeault and the Canadian delegation to publicly support calls from around the world to include fossil fuels in the cover text.

Quote from Julia Levin, National Climate Program Manager:

“We must leave COP27 with a collective understanding that fossil fuels are causing the climate crisis. It’s time for Canada to face facts: if you don’t have a plan to phase out oil and gas production, then you don’t have a plan to combat climate change.”

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