Ottawa | Traditional, unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg People – The world’s scientists have just delivered their starkest assessment yet of the frightening future that awaits us if we fail to act on climate change. We must reduce emissions as much as we can, as quickly as we can – every bit of warming averted means lives saved. Canada is a wealthy nation and a top-ten emitter – we bear enormous responsibility to lead the world in a responsible transition off of fossil fuels. That means we should not approve new oil and gas projects like the Bay du Nord offshore drilling project. Instead, the government must act immediately on its promises to cap emissions from the oil and gas sector, redirect fossil fuel subsidies into proven climate solutions like energy efficiency and renewable energy and invest in a fair and supported transition for communities and workers. Delay will be measured in lost lives, livelihoods, species and ecosystems.

ABOUT ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE ( Environmental Defence is a leading Canadian environmental advocacy organization that works with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.

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