Ottawa, Ont. – Today, the federal government and the government of Alberta announced they will be collaborating on a $1.3 billion fossil hydrogen project in Edmonton.

Once again, Canadian governments are showing how beholden they are to fossil fuels. Fossil (or “blue”) hydrogen helps oil and gas companies greenwash themselves, but it’s just another fossil fuel. Rather than prioritizing renewable energy and putting Canada on a pathway to net-zero emissions, public funding is being put towards finding new revenue streams for oil and gas companies.

Just weeks ago, the International Energy Agency made it clear that there can be no new investments in fossil fuels. And yet, Canada continues to provide financial support that will lock us into decades of new emissions.

The energy transition away from oil and gas is already happening. We have proven climate solutions, like renewables. This investment won’t help us make the deep emissions cuts we need to tackle the climate crisis. If we continue to focus on false solutions, rather than prepare for the transition, it will be workers and communities who pay the price.

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