Every year, the Ontario Greenbelt’s watersheds provide more than $1 billion worth of ecological services, by filtering pollution and waste, regulating water flow and preventing floods. We can think of it like a massive piece of green infrastructure: a natural system that serves vital functions that would be very costly to implement otherwise. All we have to do is protect it, and it keeps us safe and healthy.

grow the greenbelt

As the effects of climate change become more pronounced in Canada, we’re going to need green infrastructure more than ever. Severe storms and flooding are happening more often and getting more intense, and in a changing world our ability to predict catastrophes is compromised.

greenbelt climate change flood prevention
Photo by Jim Manning via Flickr Creative Commons

Thankfully, the best way to address the issue is also good for our health and for the environment: grow the Greenbelt! By protecting more watersheds like the Paris Galt Moraine, Simcoe region and Carruthers Creek, we’ll secure more green infrastructure and its flood protection and stormwater mitigation services.

Growing the Greenbelt makes Southern Ontario more adaptable to a changing climate and allows us to grow more sustainably, both of which are key to the long-term prosperity of our communities.

Grow the greenbelt climate change
Grow the Greenbelt and protect the Paris Galt Moraine

Join us and tell the province to grow the Greenbelt to protect our vulnerable waters, farmland and wildlife.