Toronto, Ont. – By collaborating with California to strengthen regulations that will make our cars cleaner and more fuel efficient, Canada is moving in the right direction at a critical time for climate action. Support for stronger fuel efficiency standards, electric vehicles, and less polluting fuels will lead to many benefits in the coming years. Canadians can expect cleaner air, important health benefits, and long-term cost savings for drivers. It will also reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and bring Canada closer to meeting our climate change commitments.

Our government has chosen to align with climate leaders like California who are shifting to a cleaner future, instead of following U.S. President Trump backwards. Fourteen other states are planning to follow the California fuel efficiency regulation because of its environmental and economic benefits: reduced long-term costs for drivers, more jobs in the auto sector, and improved air quality, to name a few. Joining with these allies will create a significant North American market that will push automakers to improve standards for all.

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