On April 15th, the Ontario government will be in court, spending taxpayer dollars trying to block an important climate change solution: carbon pricing. And we’ll be outside raising our voices, asking Ontario to stop wasting our money fighting in court, and start fighting climate change.

rally for climate action April 15

Ontario is Canada’s second-biggest carbon polluter, even after big steps like banning coal power. But in less than one year, the province has moved from a leader on cutting carbon pollution to a significant roadblock, cancelling most of the programs which were working, and actively fighting against the solutions scientists and economists tell us will help avert climate disaster.  We know they planned to spend $30 million in public funds just to go to court to fight carbon pricing. And we just found out they’re using millions more of our dollars to launch an ad campaign against climate action.

Let’s stand together and tell Ontario this is unacceptable. Let’s ask for real climate solutions, not political posturing, repetitive photo ops, and damaging statements not supported by the facts.

If you live in or around Toronto, join us for a lunchtime rally on April 15th in Toronto outside the Osgoode Hall Courthouse, where Ontario’s lawyers will be battling it out inside, using “every tool at their disposal” to dismantle climate solutions. And if you can’t make it in person, you can sign onto our petition here.

We want to make sure the Ontario hears from the people this government claims to represent: commuters, students, and young families struggling to make ends meet in a world full of pressures and anxieties. We want to make it clear that any government that refuses to consider the world our children will inherit doesn’t speak for us. We demand a new approach: one that values the health and well-being of Ontarians first.

We have so little time to slow the devastating impacts of climate change: only twelve years to avert the worst of it. Let’s not spend this time denying solutions. Let’s demand real action on climate change now. Join us on April 15th.