Statement by Environmental Defence’s Executive Director, Tim Gray, on being approved in Ontario as an intervener to support the legality of the federal government’s carbon pricing program

Toronto, Ont. – Today, Environmental Defence was approved as an intervener in Ontario’s legal challenge to the federal government’s carbon pricing program.

Represented by the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA), Environmental Defence’s intervention in the Ontario’s Court of Appeal Reference on the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act will ask the Court to consider the criminal law power and trade and commerce power as sources of federal authority to pass a carbon pricing law. Environmental Defence will argue that both the federal and provincial governments have authority to pass carbon pricing legislation and other climate change measures.

Climate change is a global emergency. Canada and its provinces must each play their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a clean energy economy. A nation-wide carbon price will create economic incentives for carbon emission reductions and provide economic incentives for a transition to a cleaner energy system.

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