For Immediate Release: June 9, 2018

Statement from Patrick DeRochie on G7 climate action outcomes

Québec City, Québec – Canada should be commended for galvanizing a strong G7 commitment to climate action. But it’s impossible to ignore the pipeline-sized elephant in the room: Canada failed to make progress on the longstanding G7 commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, just weeks after it decided to risk billions of dollars of public money on the leaky Kinder Morgan pipeline.

In the face of an obstructionist delegation from the United States, Canada’s negotiation of a strong outcome on climate change was no easy task. So we’re pleased that the final communiqué held firm on the need for urgent action to ensure a climate-safe future, including by implementing the Paris Agreement, recognizing the central role of carbon pricing, ensuring a just transition, partnering with Indigenous peoples, and increasing financial support for countries that are most vulnerable to climate change.

Regrettably, Canada was not in a credible position to move forward on the G7 commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies. Canada is the largest provider of government support for oil and gas production per unit of GDP in the G7. And its decision to spend billions of public dollars to buy the 65-year old Kinder Morgan pipeline and financially back its expansion contradicts the G7 commitment to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2025.

Canada must now turn its ambitious G7 climate commitments into tangible action at home. It must deliver more ambitious policies and programs to decarbonize its economy by mid-century, align climate action with its commitment to Indigenous rights and reconciliation, and ensure a just transition for the workers and communities that are most affected by the transition away from oil, gas, and coal.

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