Hello Alberta!


I am a proud Albertan who cares about climate change and the action we take on it, just like many Albertans I know. That’s why I was excited when the opportunity to work with Environmental Defence Canada and set up their first office in Alberta came up. With supporters like you, we can stand up for our environment and hold our government accountable. Climate change is a difficult issue to tackle – but together we can make a difference.


Environmental Defence has a long record of advocating for climate action in Alberta. In case you missed what we have been up to, here are some of issues we’re working on:

  • Our Executive Director, Tim Gray, has been a member of the Oil Sands Advisory Group (OSAG), working to build consensus with industry and First Nations on the implementation of the 100 MT cap on emissions from the oil sands.
  • We’ve been an outspoken critic of the tailing pond liabilities at the heart of the oil sands and the outsized portion they contribute to Canada’s emissions.
  • We’ve reported on the problem methane emissions and its solutions,  and launched a petition urging the Alberta government to adopt stronger regulations on methane emissions.

Part of my work in Alberta is to build a network of climate action supporters – people like you –  to ensure that the province we leave behind for future generations is filled with the same opportunities that we had. Together, we can tackle issues like orphaned wells and tailings waste. With each other’s support, we can build on successes such as the promise to phase out dirty coal power  and increase renewable energy in the province.


Many jobs have been lost in the oil and gas industry and we must accept that they are not coming back. But there are new jobs and opportunities for Albertans – from increasing renewable energy to reducing methane waste. Improving the environment in Alberta will benefit us all.


I look forward to  working hard on behalf of all Albertans to support the excellent work that Environmental Defence has been engaged on for the past number of years. I look forward to seeing how we can work together as Albertans to take meaningful and lasting action on climate change.