Ottawa and Toronto, ON – As federal and provincial leaders finalize and unveil the pan-Canadian framework on climate change today, Environmental Defence spokespeople in Toronto and on-site in Ottawa are available for media interviews.

It appears an agreement on a federal-provincial-territorial climate change framework is within reach. The framework unveiled today will show if Canada can get on track to meet its 2030 carbon reduction target pledged in Paris.

Based on previous announcements, there are both strong proposed emission reduction policies on the table, and some high-emitting energy projects that will have to fit under the plan so it is in line with Canada’s 2030 targets. The 2030 trajectory will also determine if Canada can achieve deep emission reductions by 2050 in line with its fair share of avoiding 1.5 degrees of warming.


  • Tim Gray, Executive Director – available for comment in Toronto
  • Dale Marshall, National Program Manager – available for comment in Ottawa

WHEN: Friday through Monday, December 9-12, 2016

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