Toronto, ON – Environmental Defence welcomes the news that NEB members Jacques Gauthier, Lyne Mercier and Roland George have recused themselves from the Energy East review but this doesn’t go far enough. The apprehension of bias – as evidenced by today’s recusal announcement – has damaged the entire review process beyond repair.

It’s clear the process is broken. The Prime Minister has acknowledged the review process lacks credibility. The review of Energy East should be suspended until the NEB is fixed. It makes no sense to assess Energy East, the longest and largest tar sands pipeline ever, using a process everyone agrees is deeply flawed.

Earlier this week, more than 50 organizations sent a letter to the Prime Minister urging the federal government to pull the plug on the Energy East pipeline review and overhaul the NEB before this review proceeds. Canadians deserve an impartial, independent pipeline regulator.

The federal government has committed to a complete overhaul of the NEB. It’s time for the Prime Minister to listen to the concerns of Canadians from across the country and take immediate legislative action to overhaul the broken and discredited regulator. All major energy projects must wait until the NEB is rebuilt in a credible manner.

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