Toronto, ON – Tomorrow, Mississauga’s city council will decide whether or not to bring a new municipal stormwater charge into effect.
While we applaud Mississauga for considering a separate charge for stormwater that reflects the true costs of stormwater management, the plan as proposed has a serious deficiency. The current proposal offers a credit program whereby landowners receive a discount on their bill for taking action that reduces runoff, but it’s only available to a select few.
Stormwater runoff is a major and costly issue for cities. It can flood homes, pollute streams and rivers, and feed algal blooms that can impact drinking water. As climate change brings about more frequent and intense storms, this problem is only going to get worse.
By designing a stormwater charge with a credit system that’s available to all residents, Mississauga would save money on infrastructure, protect drinking water, help the city adapt to a changing climate, and keep money in the pockets of property owners who take action to reduce runoff. It would be a win-win for everyone involved.
Property owners who have done their best to reduce stormwater runoff should not have to pay the same amount as those who have paved over their land. A stormwater charge with a city-wide credit system is the fairest option. We urge the City of Mississauga to amend the currently proposed stormwater charge, and develop a fairer plan that benefits all residents by rewarding anyone who reduces runoff.
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