This is a guest blog by Becca Williams, an arts undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia with a passion for storytelling and the environment. She is a Young Reporters for the Environment alumni and won first place in the international video category in 2011.

Hi everyone!

Three years ago, I entered Environmental Defence’s Litterless Competition. My video on environmental responsibility, “Dog Vlog, Episode 1: The Dog Days of our Environment,” won first place at both local and international levels.

This led me to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I participated in the Litterless Campaign 2011. Hosted by Young Reporters for the Environment and Wrigley, students from around the globe came together to think and form ideas around topics of environmental degradation and sustainability. This experience really solidified my passion for environmental activism through education and journalism.

And, my journey in environmental education and awareness continues! This week I’ll be heading to Nagoya, Japan to participate in the UNESCO Education on Sustainability Conference 2014 as a Young Reporter for the Environment! The conference, which runs November 9th – 12th, includes collaborative workshops, sessions and lectures with a focus around education, environmental sustainability and education on sustainability held by influential academics and researchers in the field.

While there, I will hold an active reporting role on the UNESCO Media Team. Alongside a small team of young journalists from around the world, I will provide live photography, video and written coverage of these events.

This is an amazing opportunity that I would have never been able to experience or participate in without the initial opportunities and ongoing support provided to me by Environmental Defence Canada. And for this, I am very thankful.

I will be live-reporting during my trip and would love if you’d follow along!

I’ll update you when my brain is full of environmental education and my belly is full of sushi.