Over 100,000 people are expected to attend the People’s Climate March in New York City. Thousands more will join community events across North America and around the world as part of a Global Day of Action. Together, we’ll raise our voices and call for immediate climate action.

It’s perfect timing given that over 120 world leaders are arriving in New York for a landmark U.N. meeting next Tuesday  to address the climate crisis.

I’ll be walking in the People’s Climate March, along with others from the Environmental Defence team. We’ll be live tweeting from the March so be sure to follow our Twitter feed.

If you want to join us and thousands of others on this historic day, it’s not too late. Information on travelling to New York or finding local community events can be found here.  Across Canada, over 70 community events are planned. There’s bound to be one near you. And if there isn’t, why not host one?

This is a moment that has been building for some time. Across North America, we’ve witnessed evidence of a rapidly growing and connected climate movement in recent years.

Countless public mobilizations have taken place on a issues including massive opposition to mega oil pipelines like Keystone XL, Northern Gateway, and Energy East; students on hundreds of campuses demanding their schools divest from fossil fuels;  widespread opposition to extreme energy like tar sands, deep water and Arctic offshore drilling; numerous protests against fracking; movements opposing mountain top removal for coal mining and strong support for shutting down dirty coal plants. Not to mention hundreds of communities coming together to build climate solutions like non-polluting renewable energy like wind and solar.

People involved in every one of these movements and more are connected by a shared resolve to fight climate change. On Sunday, they will raise their voices in unison to show strength and intention to work together.

This action comes at a crucial time. Climate change is not the distant, future threat it’s sometimes made out to be. Serious impacts are being felt around the globe right now. An unprecedented drought in California, more frequent and powerful storms like Hurricane Sandy, wildfires in the Northwest Territories, heavy flooding in Calgary and Toronto, the collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet raising global sea levels. We are all at risk from a warming climate today.

 Shell Jackpine tar sands mine - Kris Krüg

Only through serious action at all levels of our society do we have a narrow window of opportunity to secure a brighter, safer future.

If you haven’t joined the movement yet, don’t fret – you are most welcome. And now is a great time to join. As the organizers of the event have said, “in order to change everything, we need everyone.”  We don’t have a moment to waste.

This Sunday, join me and thousands of others and raise your voice to call for a better future.

Find out here how you can get involved.