Ottawa, ON – We are pleased that the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) today confirmed that there is enough evidence to investigate the federal government’s failure to enforce Canada’s Fisheries Act, with respect to continuous leaking from tar sands tailings lakes.
There is clear and overwhelming evidence of the contamination of Alberta’s rivers and watersheds from the tar sands, and the Canadian government’s failure to address this toxic load. It is an ongoing tragedy that the federal government will not let anything get in the way of accelerated tar sands development, including the health of citizens downstream from the tar sands and the surrounding environment.
Canadians have the right to know the full story when it comes to the government’s management of leaking toxic tailings waste, and the CEC investigation will help to shed more light on this critical issue.
The CEC’s investigation was prompted by a complaint from Environmental Defence, other environmental groups, and private citizens filed in 2010.
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