Toronto, ON – Canada can’t credibly tackle climate change if it sticks with plans to triple tar sands production. Until we have action to limit how big and how fast the industry grows, carbon pollution will keep going up and our international reputation will keep being dragged down.
If built, Keystone XL would enable a 36 per cent increase in tar sands production and create the same amount of emissions as 4.6 million cars or 6 coal-fired power plants. The oil industry’s plans to triple tar sands production would cause emissions to soar by 250 per cent. That’s just not compatible with a country taking climate change seriously: emissions need to go down not up.
It’s time for a new conversation in Canada about the pace and scale of tar sands production. Tar sands pipeline plans will keep drawing controversy – east, west, south and north – because it’s clear we can’t keep building fossil fuel infrastructure if we hope to stave off catastrophic climate change.
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