Statement from Environmental Defence Climate and Energy Program Manager, Gillian McEachern on the Government of Canada’s potential withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol:
“If the Government of Canada officially pulls out of the Kyoto Protocol next month, it will make Canada the only country in the world to have signed and ratified the international agreement to tackle climate change, and then walked away from it. This news on the first morning of negotiations in Durban, SA, further hurts Canada’s reputation for being a progressive actor on the world stage. Instead, we’re throwing a wet blanket on progress towards a binding, international deal on climate change.
Canada had already disregarded the commitment made under the Kyoto Protocol to cut carbon pollution, and has not put in place rules to limit emissions from big polluters like the tar sands industry. Yet in the past, Canada has played a constructive role in solving major environmental crises by working with other countries such as our response to the ozone issue through the Montreal Protocol. We can do so again.
This year, the impacts of a changing climate hit home like never before, from flooding in Quebec to it feeling like 50 degrees in Toronto this summer to the 9,000 heat records broken in the U.S. in July alone. Canada cannot insulate itself from the impacts of global warming, nor can we avoid working with other countries to curb emissions so that we avoid catastrophic climate change.
We can act to ensure a healthy and safe planet for our kids, but developed countries like Canada need to do our fair share. Now, Canada is failing to put in place rules to make sure carbon pollution is reduced at home and stepping away from global action, so where do we go from here to demonstrate that we’re taking the problem seriously?”
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