The Canadian campaign Moms Against Climate Change
 just released a provocative video (below) that makes a boldly emotional
appeal for action on global warming.
Set in an unnamed city, the 86-second video “Demonstration”
features a protest march comprised entirely of children. Riot police
block the street, tap their shields and clubs ominously, and hold back
barking dogs. Eventually the cops let loose on the children, chasing one
boy up a chain link fence while another falls in the street.
It ends with the message, “If our children knew the facts we do, they’d
take action. Shouldn’t you?” The violence is presumed, not shown
explicitly, but the implication is that we’re all engaged in violence
against children by failing to head off the climate changes whose
biggest impacts will unfold later this century.
There’s more: Moms Against Climate Change also launched a new website
that encourages Canadian
mothers to post photos of their children beneath a message to the Prime
Minister: “Stephen Harper: Remember who you’re representing in
Copenhagen.” Given the reservations many parents have about posting
private information about their children on the internet, it’s a
strategy likely to cause controversy. The children’s first name and
hometown accompany the pictures, and there is a note about private
protection in the “Upload” section.
The campaign is a joint effort of two Canadian environmental groups,
Environmental Defence and ForestEthics. But it holds importance
everywhere, because the Conservative Harper is a world leader that
climate negotiators are particularly worried about.
The prominent Australian author and climate activist Tim Flannery
recently called on Harper
to change his “obstructionist position” on a climate treaty.
“We desperately need Canada to play a much more positive role in the
coming months,” Flannery said at a recent news conference
 in Ottawa. “Canada
is an important country with important obligations.”
With the “Moms” campaign, Harper will hear that message from Canadians too.