A feature story published in USA Today takes a detailed look at chemicals used in different kinds of plastics: bisphenol A and phthalates.
Bisphenol A is in hard plastic reusable bottles (including baby bottles and sippy cups) and the lining of tin cans. As the USA Today article points out, animal studies show that exposure to bisphenol A has a range of potential health effects: “earlier sexual maturation in females exposed before birth, breast cancer, lowered sperm production, possible links to prostate cancer and increased insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.”
Phthalates make plastic soft and flexible. They’re used in things like children’s toys, baby rattles and teethers. Studies show phthalates can disrupt hormones.
Canada’s federal government is reviewing the safety of bisphenol A right now. It’s the best opportunity to get the harmful chemical banned in all food and beverage containers, including baby bottles. You can help by signing the Toxic Nation petition to get bisphenol A banned.
And, you can ask your children’s daycare centre to stop using products with bisphenol A. It’s easy. Everything you need to get your children’s daycare on board is on the Toxic Nation site.