Now that I have started this Toxic Nation blog, I have spent a fair amount of time reading other people’s blogs. Blogging was very new to me when I started, but I have to say, I enjoy the feeling of community – knowing that there are other people out there looking for a healthier way to live. And writing about it.
BlogHers Act Canada is a great site where blogging moms have gotten together to talk about the environment, their lives and so much more. They picked a theme for the year and have decided to blog en masse about their experiences with becoming more eco-friendly. 
No surprise that the theme for September is ‘less packaging.’ Check out the web site and see just what all these women have pledged to do this September. Read the blog by Danigirl called “Facing the ugly eco-truth” about how she is trying to reduce her eco-footprint to offset that second car she is buying. Who knows – maybe you will be inspired to make small changes in your life too (and hopefully not buy a second car!).
Keep up the good work,
Toxic Nation Campaigner