Clean Energy

The transition to a clean economy has started across Canada. Thanks to the Green Energy & Economy Act, Ontario is now the North American leader in renewable energy and the jobs it creates. Thousands of Ontario farmers, communities, Aboriginal groups, schools, hospitals, churches, municipalities and individuals are generating their own clean, safe electricity, or finding work in a new green industry. In April 2014, Ontario’s last coal plant was shut down, marking the end of the decade-long coal phase out. The coal phase out represented the largest greenhouse gas reduction effort in North America. As a result, air quality in southern Ontario has improved significantly, with only two smog days in 2013 – compared to 53 smog days in 2005.


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Environmental Defence is working to educate Canadians about the benefits of generating energy from clean, safe and renewable sources that don’t pollute. Through research and public outreach we are protecting the environment and human health through this transition to clean energy.

Environmental Defence was a leading member of the Green Energy Act Alliance, a grassroots coalition of trade associations, environmental groups, community groups, First Nations, farmers and landowners which educated Ontarians about the need for the Green Energy & Economy act in 2009.