The Problem:

The Alberta tar sands are the largest industrial project on earth. They are Canada’s fastest growing source of global warming pollution. And they’re damaging the land, air, water, climate and the health of communities. Industry wants to triple tar sands production by 2030, but Canada cannot meet its commitments to cut climate pollution if expansion of the tar sands continues.

The tar sands are big enough.

We cannot keep expanding production of this high cost, high carbon fossil fuel. We need to reject risky proposals for new fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines that would lock us into rising carbon pollution from the tar sands for decades to come.

What percentage of Canada’s GDP comes from the tar sands?

The Solution:

It’s time to build a low carbon, clean energy economy that doesn’t damage our air or climate.

We must also clean up damage that has been done. That means cleaning up the massive tailings ponds, which are leaking toxic liquid waste from the tar sands into the Athabasca River. It also means reclaiming much more of the land that has been disturbed by industrial activity. To date, only 0.15 per cent of land disturbed by the tar sands has been certified as reclaimed.

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