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What you need to attend an all-candidates debate in your riding:

Opening up the Greenbelt to sprawl development would be a huge mistake, and one that cannot be reversed. We need commitments from future provincial leaders to ensure our Greenbelt is protected for generations to come. Here’s where you can help.

Attend an all-candidates debate in your riding to ask your local candidates about their commitment to a permanently protected Greenbelt. And, download our primer about the value of the Greenbelt and a housing fact sheet to hand out to your local candidates too.

Find out where all-candidates debates are happening near you.

Download the debates schedule

Key questions to ask at the debates:

  • Do you support the current permanent protection provided by the Greenbelt?
  • Do you support the expansion of the Greenbelt?
  • There is too much traffic congestion from people commuting from long distances. Do you support investing in transit to reduce congestion over building new highways that contribute to the problem?