The Problem:

Ontario’s Greenbelt protects environmentally sensitive natural areas, forests, farmland and local food sources, as well as rivers and streams. But just outside of its protective boundaries, urban sprawl, and the highways and sewers that feed it, continue to devour prime farmland and nature at an alarming rate. Even though there is lots of land available inside existing city boundaries for people and businesses to grow, sprawl developers are trying to pave over sensitive stream headwater and groundwater areas. More needs to be done to add important and vulnerable areas that protect our water sources into the Greenbelt’s protective fold.


Growing the Greenbelt throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe protects our water systems from drought, flooding and urbanization. Together with 120 groups from across Ontario, we are encouraging the provincial government to safeguard key headwaters, moraines, wetlands and recharge areas not currently in the Greenbelt by adding them to its protective fold.

We urge the government to expand the Greenbelt. And, we invite you to join us in calling for a bigger, better Greenbelt.

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