Big Oil Is Posting Colossal 2022 Profits 

Feb 03, 2023

This winter, Big Oil companies are announcing their 2022 profits, and records are being shattered. Big Oil is raking in outrageous sums during a climate crisis, capitalizing on rising prices, while Read more

Debunking five myths that oil and gas executives want you to believe

Jan 27, 2023

This blog is co-authored with Alienor Rougeot, Climate and Energy Program Manager Two prominent figures of Canada’s oil and gas industry were recently on Global TV’s politics show, T Read more

Paris Agreement Article 2.1c sounds obscure - but it packs a big punch for cleaning up the financial sector.

Dec 20, 2022

Imagine a tug of war. If public dollars pull towards a healthy planet but private dollars stay stuck in the status quo - where do we end up? Climate success requires th Read more