Canadian governments have spent $23 billion on fossil fuel pipelines since 2018

Jul 06, 2021

In a climate emergency, how do you think the federal government should be using public dollars? Solar energy and battery storage come to mind. So does electrified public transportation and energy e Read more

Oil is crashing, again. And this time it won’t recover. We can’t let the oil lobby bring Canada down with it.

Oct 19, 2020

Keith Brooks writes in iPolitics about the need for an open conversation about the diminishing benefits and increasing environmental impacts of Canada's oil and gas sector. Read more

Why does Shell pay the oil and gas lobby to do its anti-climate action dirty work?

Oct 05, 2020

Tim Gray argues in the Hill Times that oil supermajor Shell's ongoing membership of the Canadian oil and gas lobbying association, CAPP, is increasingly hypocritical. Read more

The climate crisis: learning and taking inspiration from our COVID response

Jul 22, 2020

Canada needs to abandon its practice of setting and missing distant targets and adopt concrete, detailed, and specific action plans that we rigorously follow and track. Read more

Cancelling a wind farm will not help bats

Dec 22, 2019

Unfortunately, the government’s decision to tear down more wind turbines is not a win for wildlife. Rather it is a cynical and misguided use of ministerial power dressed up as a concern for bats. Read more

The prime minister is winning the carbon pricing fight, he shouldn’t back down now

Dec 09, 2019

Dale Marshall argues in the Hill Times that Canadians voted for climate action in the last election. The prime minister needs to continue to vigorously defend the policy he ran on and won. Read more