Will the new NAFTA undermine our ability to protect ourselves from toxic chemicals?

Nov 05, 2018

Hill Times editorial on how the new NAFTA misses the mark when it comes to increasing protections from harmful chemicals. This editorial is behind the publication's paywall. Read more

Incinerating plastic waste is not the answer

Oct 29, 2018

An editorial in the Halifax Chronicle Herald from Environmental Defence and the Ecology Action Centre explains why incinerating waste does not solve plastic pollution. Read more

Why the Tories should bring back bottle deposits

Oct 29, 2018

Toronto Sun editorial from Executive Director Tim Gray highlights the market benefits that a deposit/return program for plastic bottles would bring Ontario. Read more

Carbon pricing is working in Ontario, so hands off

Aug 09, 2018

A Toronto Star editorial reaffirms the importance of cap-and-trade in Ontario and why we need it to ensure a low carbon future. Read more

Time to stand up to the oil industry’s “competitiveness” fear-mongering

Aug 07, 2018

A National Observer editorial highlights why Canada's government must stand up to the oil industry and strengthen its climate policies and environmental law reforms. Read more