The Problem:

Right now, Ontario’s government is overturning decades of important environmental protections to maximize profits for a few rich industries. We think this is a horrible mistake that is bad for nature, people and the economy. We love this province and we are not going to let it be dug up, paved over, polluted and exploited for the benefit of the very few at the cost of the very many.

Ontario’s endangered species, farmland and clean air and water are NOT FOR SALE.

The Solution:

Let your member of provincial parliament know that Ontario’s environment is not for sale. Let them know that you value climate action, clean water, protected wildlife and a healthy future for your community.

What you can do:

1. Sign the Petition

Join thousands of Ontarians who are standing up to say that our environment is Not For Sale

Red button that says "take action"



2. Find Out What’s At Risk

See what areas in Ontario are most vulnerable to decreased environmental protections.

3. Engage your MPP

Write, call or meet with your MPP to let them know why taking action to protect Ontario’s environment is important to you.

Photo by Al_Hikes AZ via Flickr Creative Commons