It’s time to spread the word about the devastating effects of thermal coal on our environment, climate, and the health of communities in Canada and around the world.

We need to make sure that Canada implements a full ban on thermal coal exports by 2023.

Letters to the editor are an effective way to make an impact. They’re one of the most widely-read parts of a newspaper — and it’s not just your friends and neighbours who read them. They’re an easy way to reach a large audience, including policy makers.

Key points to help you write your Letter to the Editor (please do not copy and paste):

  • Thermal coal is dangerous to human health, and is responsible for 800,000 deaths a year globally – yet Canada still profits from mining and exporting this dirty, harmful fuel.
  • The process of mining, transporting, and burning coal wreaks havoc on the environment beyond fueling the climate crisis, including the release of toxins into waterways and surrounding ecosystems.
  • Continuing to mine and export thermal coal contradicts the government’s promise to combat the climate crisis. The world must reduce coal production by 11 per cent each year between 2020 and 2030 if we’re going to limit warming to 1.5 C.
  • Canada has taken some big steps to phase out the use of thermal coal here at home because the government knows that burning coal for electricity causes dangerous amounts of air pollution and emissions – so exporting to other countries for profit is hypocritical.