Call your MPP and ask them to save the Greenbelt and Repeal Bill 23!

Thanks for speaking up for Ontario’s environment. In your call, you can talk about the Greenbelt or Bill 23 or both issues.


  • Introduce yourself as a concerned citizen and tell your MPP why protecting the Greenbelt and/or repealing Bill 23 is important to you.

Greenbelt Talking Points:

  • In 2018, Doug Ford promised he would never touch the Greenbelt.
  • The Greenbelt is important for farmers and local food. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture says we are losing hundreds of acres of farmland every day.
  • Removing any land at all will encourage land speculators to buy up more of the Greenbelt.
  • We already have enough land assigned for housing. The Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force said so.
  • Who owns the lands that were removed? Why was there no public process for deciding which lands would be removed?

Bill 23 Talking Points:

  • The More Homes Built Faster Act will leave most wetlands completely unprotected. Wetlands are vital for endangered species and tourism.
  • Smaller municipalities don’t have the expertise to reproduce the services of Conservation Authorities.
  • Conservation Authorities shouldn’t identify land to sell off.
  • Bill 23 was rushed through in the face of widespread opposition.
  • Bill 23 harms democracy by reducing municipal powers and preventing third-party appeals to development projects.