The Problem:

For too long, the National Energy Board (NEB), Canada’s pipeline regulator, put industry priorities first –not the protection of our shared land, water and climate. It’s no wonder that Canadians lost confidence in the NEB’s objectivity and ability to determine if energy projects, like the proposed Energy East pipeline, are in the public interest.

The federal government admits the NEB is broken and promised to fix it. It has appointed an expert panel to start the modernization of the NEB.

The Solution:

The NEB Modernization Expert Panel’s task is to review the energy regulator and engage Canadians on the structure, role, and mandate of the NEB. Its recommendations will form the basis for the legislative overhaul of the NEB.

This is our opportunity to build a 21st century energy regulator that’s inclusive, evidence-based, transparent, and aligned with Canada’s commitment to Indigenous reconciliation and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Check out our blog six key ways to modernize Canada’s energy regulator.

What you can do:

If we get this right, we won’t have to fight wrong-headed pipeline projects anymore. A revamped energy regulator should be able to reject outright energy projects that are out of step with Canada’s climate commitments. But it will only happen if Canadians like you speak out.

1. Attend A Public Session

The NEB modernization panel needs to hear from you on how to overhaul Canada’s discredited energy regulator. Make your voice heard at a public session near you. Simply click on the link for details and to RSVP.

Register today for an engagement session near you. The NEB is offering up to $1,000 in travel costs to participate. Apply for funding here.

2. Sign The Petition:

Can’t make it to one of the public sessions to provide feedback? Simply sign our online petition to the NEB modernization panel and the federal government.

Take Action